“Be the change you want to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi

Open Defecation Free Nabha

In today’s day and age when sanitation and hygiene seem to be a given, no matter the economic disparity, open defecation in India seems to continue despite the awareness and development. In rural areas, as well as urban regions of Nabha, open defecation and the need for public toilets remain a concern. The Nabha Foundation has worked toward closing this gap in the past by facilitating the process of building toilets within Nabha.

The Department of Water Supply and Sanitation in Patiala district identified and earmarked households in need of assistance. The Nabha Foundation joined forces with the teams of motivators working in rural Nabha to reach households across 42 villages.

The team works with individuals and communities to open communication and dialogue and promote positive behaviour and change in their present sanitation habits of open defecation. Awareness camps, community talks and awareness rallies in the villages are organised to address the issue of contamination caused by the common housefly and to improve the health and hygiene practices of their families.

Water Supply

The Foundation partners with the Government of Punjab to implement an initiative of the Government of India and IDA-World Bank to improve the standards of sanitation and access to safe water supply in the villages of Punjab.

The Foundation works with Water Supply Schemes handed over to Gram Panchayat Water and Sanitation Committee in 14 villages to help them achieve Sustainability. Awareness Camps are organised on issues such as water conservation, benefits of clean drinking water, testing of bore well water and impacts of wastage of water on the overall hygiene.

Nabha Town Sanitation

The Nabha Foundation’s most recent initiative is to improve sanitation conditions in Nabha town. Nabha town has been facing severe sanitation issue due to blockages in the town sewerage system, lack of proper waste disposal and sanitation behavioral practices. The Foundation has initiated work in the areas of behavior change communication by partnering with the community groups and spreading awareness on waste management, reducing plastic waste and adopting better sanitation practices. Apart from this the Foundation is also engaging experts to technically assess the problem areas in the sewerage system.

Our continued effort is to improve and widen the below impact:

  • Improved awareness on sanitation issues
  • Improved toilet access in the villages of Nabha
  • Behavioral change in toilet usage in rural Nabha
  • Improved and sustainable water supply model in the chosen villages of Nabha
  • Increased community participation in sanitation and water supply management