Dear Friends,

Amid the pain and great suffering of the Covid crisis all around us, perhaps the greatest weapon we have is the best and most up-to-date medical / public health information and advice.

Like many around us, we too have also been overwhelmed with the innumerable viral videos and messages with diverse medical advice, often contradictory and out of date, from unverified sources.

As a result, our sister organization The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation decided to bring together the very best “top of the mountain” medical advice from the best experts in the UK and India to create a clear, combined set of messages representing the ‘state of the art’ best practice in the two countries, covering Covid prevention, home care, ‘red flags’ requiring hospitalization and next stage care, hospital care and Long Covid. This is been put together as a dialogue between two very eminent physicians representing, in their opinion, the best thinking in India and the UK:

  • Professor Randeep Guleria (Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi);
  •  Professor Nicholas Hart (Clinical Director, Respiratory, Sleep and Critical Care, Lane Fox Respiratory Service, Director of Research Delivery, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London)

They are moderated in this dialogue by another very eminent expert, Professor Srinath Reddy, President of the Public Health Foundation of India, who has also played a key role behind the scenes in making introductions and setting the stage.

The main video aims to give a single clear, comprehensive framework to lay people and medical practitioners alike. In our opinion, the messages are remarkably similar and there is a significant consensus of understanding after 16 months of this terrible pandemic about what experts feel is the understanding today. We are pleased to share this video with you through which the two prominent experts give simple, effective messages, demystify speculations through accurate information around prevention of transmission, COVID appropriate behaviour, recognizing the symptoms, home management and isolation as per protocols, red flags for hospitalization, recommended treatment guidelines for early recovery and managing the long term repercussions of COVID.  

We hope this framework can ‘demystify’ Covid treatment protocols for all concerned and by providing the best, currently known understanding, save lives and improve outcomes.

To do this, however, we need your help! If appropriate, could you please send these videos on to all your networks and contacts? We would be deeply grateful!


We thank you very deeply and sincerely in advance for any help in disseminating these messages throughout your own personal and professional networks and helping them go viral!

In conceiving, making and producing these video messages we are deeply indebted to Professor Nicholas Hart at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Professor Randeep Guleria at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Professor Srinath Reddy at the Public Health Foundation India for their deep commitment as well as for   for sharing their expertise, time and experience. Thanks also to Professor Richard Trembath and John Pennant at Kings for their unstinting and invaluable support, Sophia Chin for her coordination and Nikhil Khanna and his colleagues at Avian WE for help in editing, production and distribution – all deeply committed partners in this project without which it would not have been possible.  We are also most grateful to Kallie Puri and Sakshi Kohli at the India Today Group for getting this out on Indian national television on Saturday 29th of May within a few hours of our appeal for help.

Our very deep thanks in advance for any help you may find it possible to give us in getting these messages out as quickly and widely as possible. We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and well.

Thank you and our very best wishes,

The Nabha Foundation

The Nand and Jeet Khemka Foundation