Skill Training for Women: Beauty Care

The Nabha Foundation aims to empower the marginalized women, who are below the poverty line through skilling. The Foundation took up a Project on Skin and Beauty Care in 2015, in collaboration with Societies for Services to Voluntary Agencies, to establish Beauty-Care as viable career amongst the marginalized women. The students are trained in various tasks required to be beauticians. They are taught the importance of good hygiene practices; a prerequisite for this profession. The foundation also helps in the placement process after imparting vocational skills.

Our continued effort is to improve and widen the below impact:

  • The program is in great demand; the participants are getting good work right after the completion of this course
  • Leadership skills are enhanced and women are setting up their own business and becoming entrepreneurs
  • This has brought about economic independence and stability for the young, underprivileged women of Nabha and is inspiring more women to be self-reliant.

Skill Training courses for the underprivileged youth of Nabha

To provide quality skills and vocational training opportunities to the poor and vulnerable populations of Punjab, particularly marginalized groups and to develop their livelihood prospects, the Nabha Foundation in partnership with The Department of Social Security and Development of Women & Children, Government of Punjab, has launched two Skill Training courses in Nabha.  The courses ‘Digital Marketing’ & ‘Accounts & GST were inaugurated on 21st June and the classes have commenced thereafter.  There are 12 students each in both courses coming from an underprivileged background.   They are children of daily wage labourers, people owing small businesses or doing other odd jobs to support themselves and their families. The income of these families has taken a hit and these short term courses are in demand as they have the potential to provide jobs soon.  These courses were selected based on being futuristic and also in demand for prospective employment.  In Nabha these courses are one of the kind and the youngsters have shown a keen interest to join these courses.  The teachers are fully qualified and experienced in the respective subjects and the feedback from the students has been good.  These courses will help the aspirants to find jobs and secure a livelihood after successful completion of the course.

Digital Marketing Course

The duration of this course is 3 months and the minimum eligibility is 12th  to graduate in any discipline.  There are 13 students in this batch and the topics cover Marketing & Digital Marketing, Keyword introduction & grouping, search engines research & planning and other topics. 

Accounts & GST Course

The duration of this course is 3 months and the eligibility minimum with accounts.  There are 14 students in the batch and the course covers relevant topics taught by trained & experienced teachers.

Skill Training for Women: Cutting & Tailoring Program

The Foundation in collaboration with Societies for Services to Voluntary Agencies (SOSVA) launched a ‘Cutting & Tailoring Program’ to impart employment-oriented skill training and establish a viable livelihood for marginalized women. Low skills perpetuate poverty and disparity. When done right, skills development can reduce un and underemployment, increase efficiency, and ensure the quality of life. A batch of 50 young women is trained every year in 2 batches.

Through these programs, we are working towards developing the potential of younger populations belonging to low socio-economic backgrounds and empowering them to be employed and self-reliant.

The Skill Development initiatives are protecting and promoting the right to work (SDG 8), ensuring skills and knowledge among populations (SDG 4), and addressing gender inequalities by providing skills and vocational training to young and vulnerable girls (SDG 5).