“If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right” – M.S. Swaminathan

Agriculture in Punjab

Punjab’s economy is predominantly agriculture based. While Punjab itself is a fertile region, the Green Revolution of the 1970s contributed significantly to its increased productivity. Unfortunately, it also resulted in the long-term degradation of the region’s rich biodiversity. The excessive use of agro-chemicals and lack of crop diversity have caused serious damage to the environment, affecting not only the soil but the quality of the underground water, which is also linked to the deterioration of health of the local inhabitants.

To promote solutions that work, The Nabha Foundation has established a Sustainable Agriculture Program for small and landless farmers in Nabha. The new, innovative & improved best practices in agriculture are refining agriculture practices in Nabha. The Foundation is also linking farmers with government schemes, Krishi Vigyan Kendra KVKs (agriculture technology extension centres) and other institutions to improve their overall socio economic status.

Organic Certification Program

The Foundation promotes the conversion to organic agriculture in Nabha to advance rural development, sustainable livelihoods, food security and environmental integrity. To support the conversion process, and ensure sustainability, the Foundation provides technical and practical training on organic production, processing, certification and marketing best practices.

Formation of Farmer’s Group

The Foundation facilitates the formation of Farmer’s Group to promote alliances among farmers, increase economic security by reducing risks, creating and expanding business opportunities, obtaining control over the marketing of their products and to create opportunities to improve their lives and that of the community on their own terms.

A special group of organic farmers have been trained and registered as ‘Nabha Organic Farmer’s Producer Company Limited’ NOFPCL, facilitated and trained by the Nabha Foundation.


Sustainable Agriculture in Mansa (TSPL, Vedanta CSR Initiative)

Sustainable Agriculture means production of food, plants and animal products using farming techniques that prove to be beneficial for public health and promote environmental sustainability. Sustainable agriculture helps the farmers innovate and employ recycling methods. Our initiative with Talwandi Sabo Power Ltd. by Vedanta Group, a CSR project, aims at promoting sustainable agriculture for the farmers in Mansa District. The project aims to raise awareness among farmers and motivate them to implement sustainable agriculture practices and promote organic farming. The program also organizes them into farmer’s group for market linkage and support.

The Foundation also works to connect farmers with various Government Schemes and digital methods of obtaining information to empower the farming community. This not only boosts the income but also makes the community tech savvy.

Our continued effort is to improve and widen the below impact:

  • Empowered producers to combat limitations created by small land sizes
  • Strengthen their capability to identify, select and utilize better agriculture practices including crop diversification
  • Improved local management and marketing skills and build technical know how
  • Provided alternative markets where sellers can influence their product’s price
  • Built an eco-system that encourages the farmers to find solutions that work and take control on their future
  • Water conservation & reduction of chemicals
  • Improved soil condition

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