“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”- Mother Teresa.

HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention and Treatment

The state of Punjab has a prevalence of HIV-AIDS. It is vulnerable to the infection due to clinical as well as socio-cultural factors and concentration of high-risk groups. Some districts fall under the high-prevalence category due to the concentration of high-risk groups.

The Foundation launched a people oriented solution to the problem and intervened in collaboration with the PSACS (Punjab State AIDS Control Society) to reduce the incidence of STD/HIV/AIDS amongst sex workers and transgender communities in Nabha & Patiala. The Foundation is creating awareness and working towards behaviour modification; providing treatment for STIs; promoting correct usage of condoms and empowering peer educators. The program includes activities such as:

  • HIV testing and referrals to Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) Centres
  • Counselling Services for affected individuals
  • Awareness building, and training on safe sex and disease prevention

Safe Motherhood Programme

Maternal health remains an area of concern, especially in rural parts of Nabha. With a goal to reach out to pregnant women with improved and efficient health care services, the Foundation launched a Maternal Health Programme in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline. The programme focuses at raising awareness on maternal health issues by facilitating National Health Mission recommended ante-natal check-ups (ANC) and ensuring better access to Government provided services. The programme also focuses on creating awareness about the health and nutrition practices, necessary for a pregnant lady. Constant follow-ups are maintained with women by our trained health workers. Apart from this, for effective implementation of the health services, programme also facilitates the training process of ASHA and ANM workers.

Drug Awareness Program Nabha

The biggest issue confronting Punjab today is the drug epidemic. Experts are of opinion that health and welfare programs do not reach the millions of people affected by drugs.

To tackle this grave situation, the Foundation launched the Drug Awareness Program in 2016. The program is comprised of two projects – School Drug Awareness under SOSVA (P) and Community Drug Awareness Program supported by the Department of Social Security of Woman and Child Development (Government of Punjab). The program has grown to include schools & colleges as well as villages across Nabha. Through consistent awareness camps and various targeted lectures including conducting plays, banner making, quiz & drawing competitions, the students are engaged and made aware of substance abuse and its repercussions.

The rural community drug awareness project works through awareness camps and rallies. The project aims at reaching out to families of drug users, encouraging them to talk and seek help. These Awareness camps also showcase documentaries and movies which address the issue and demonstrate a new beginning.

The support and active participation of the schools & village communities to this program is encouraging. The project further aims at a targeted intervention in villages with affected youth through camps, focussed group discussions and follow-ups to support rehabilitation.

Our continued effort is to improve and widen the below impact:

  • Improved health practices amongst pregnant women in Nabha
  • Drastic reduction in cases of HIV/AIDS amongst sex workers and transgender communities in Nabha
  • Continued sensitization of youth and rural communities in Nabha on repercussions of substance abuse